Food Storage is NOT Just for Emergencies

I’ve never been a hard core prepper but I’ve always stored extra food for one major reason — it makes my life easier. Yes, we store food so that we can be prepared in an emergency but that’s only the beginning.

In my house we eat our “food storage” several times a week as a way to save time, money, and make sure we know how to use the food we are storing should we ever be in a situation where we have to use it. Food storage goes beyond being there in case of a major catastrophe. Having food storage in the house helps us get through all of life’s minor emergencies too.

Returning from a Trip

I always say that after a trip I need a vacation from my vacation. The last thing I want to do when I get home is run to the grocery store. My family and I returned from an almost 2 week trip a few days ago and I have yet to go grocery shopping. I love having enough shelf stable food that I can still make all my family’s favorite foods without running out to the store . . . especially since unpacking a family of 6 is plenty of work on it’s own.

blueberry muffins

As soon as we got home, we mixed up some Thrive Instant milk. I made blueberry muffins with freeze dried blueberries and green smoothies with freeze dried fruits and spinach for breakfast. For dinner we made a delicious shepherds pie topped with mashed potatoes and cauliflower — it was a huge hit with the kids.



Unexpected Bills

We’ve all been surprised by unexpected bills from time to time. The good news is your grocery budget is one of the most flexible expenses you have, especially if you have food storage. Next time you have an extra bill pop up, just eliminate your food budget for the week (or the month if you need to) and eat from your food storage. Food storage

Increasing Food Prices

Food prices fluctuate all over the place. If you store food you have the advantage of being able to stock up on food when the price drops down. You will be buying tomorrow’s food at today’s prices. This takes so much worry out of budgeting for food for me, especially if I’m hunting for fruits or vegetables that are out of season. Want blueberry pancakes in the middle of winter? No problem. Just pull out some freeze dried blueberries.

No Time for Grocery Shopping

Sometimes those mini-emergencies can really get to you. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve run out of time to go grocery shopping or just plain haven’t felt like dragging all the kids to the store and have had to come up with some sort of weird but still edible food concoction. With food storage, I can just make one of our regular favorites for dinner and get to the store when it’s convenient for me.

What everyday emergencies do you love having food storage for?

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