Food Storage: Are Thrive Foods GMO Free?



My family has really made a conscious effort to make the switch to organic and GMO free foods. That can be tricky with the labeling process so unclear (and so many companies outright fighting against labeling GMO foods).

While an emergency situation may be a different ballgame — you eat what you need to eat to survive — my family eats our food storage on a regular basis so it’s important to me that the food we store is also food that lives up to the same standards we set for all of the other food we consume.

We eat Thrive foods several times a week, either as part or all of our meal. I love that I can trust the quality of the foods and my family loves them. It makes me feel better knowing that if we were in an emergency situation, we could eat foods that we are already used to.

I have many people ask me whether or not Thrive foods are GMO free.

I’m excited to let you know that most Thrive products are GMO free.

  • All Thrive Fruits are GMO Free
  • All Thrive Vegetables are GMO Free
  • All Thrive Grains are GMO Free (except instant rice, cornmeal, and pancake mix which are in the process of becoming GMO Free)
  • All Thrive meats are GMO Free (except FD ground beef and TVP bacon, which are in the process of becoming GMO Free)
  • All Thrive Dairy are GMO Free

Many other foods are in the process of becoming GMO free as soon as Thrive finds products that meet their high standards.

Don’t forget about the Thrive Organic line that’s now available as well.

If you are interested, you can see the complete list of all Thrive products and details on which ones are GMO Free and MSG Free as well as the allergens in each food.




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