5 Emergency Supplies Everyone Should Have

Emergency Supplies

We all have emergencies from time to time. These may be small emergencies like having a pipe break in your house or having an unexpected bill or they may be big emergencies like a flood or an earthquake. Either way, we need to be prepared. We can’t prepare for every emergency out there but there […]

Does your County Have a Reverse 9-1-1 System?

Reverse 911 Notification System

The best thing you can do to increase your chances of surviving an emergency situation is to get as much warning as you can. Did you know that your county can actually call you and let you know if there is an emergency, like a fire or flood, in your area? It’s called a reverse […]

Food Storage Recipe: Tuna Noodle Casserole

Food storage recipe

Canned tunafish is a great thing to have in your food storage. I always stock up when the price drops and I can frequently find it for $0.50 – $0.75 a can. It’s a great source of protein and most cans have a shelf life of up to 3 years. When I was in college, […]

Most for the Host is Back!

Most for the Host

  Have you been thinking about building up your food storage but weren’t sure where to start? What if I told you that you could get a start on your food storage with free and half priced food from Thrive Life? Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Thrive Life is amazingly generous to their hosts. If […]

Creating a Space for your Food Storage

creating space for food storage

Storing food for an emergency, whether it’s the everyday kind or a truly life-threatening emergency, is just a smart idea. We need food to live so we should have food stored in our home. If you’ve decided to build up your food storage, one of the first questions you probably have, though, is “where in […]

Food Storage – Thrive Specials for June

Thrive Specials for June

Stocking up while products are on sale just makes sense and that goes for emergency preparedness items too. You can get a supply of emergency food, which can also serve as your home store to save you time and money, for a fraction of the cost by taking advantage of sale prices. Thrive also offers […]

Food Storage is NOT Just for Emergencies

blueberry muffins

I’ve never been a hard core prepper but I’ve always stored extra food for one major reason — it makes my life easier. Yes, we store food so that we can be prepared in an emergency but that’s only the beginning. In my house we eat our “food storage” several times a week as a […]

What are the Benefits of Freeze Dried Foods?

freeze dried foods

I get asked all the time what the differences are between freeze dried and dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods are great for food storage, however, they have some major drawbacks. I primarily store (and use on a regular basis) freeze dried foods because their taste, texture, and nutrition is so close to fresh. The process of […]

How to Make Homemade Pizza Sauce from Powdered Tomatoes

Food storage isn’t just about emergency preparedness, although that certainly is an important part of it. My food storage saves me time and money because I always have everything I need to make a meal from scratch. With all the awful additives in most foods on the grocery store shelves, I love having an option […]

Food Storage: Are Thrive Foods GMO Free?

  My family has really made a conscious effort to make the switch to organic and GMO free foods. That can be tricky with the labeling process so unclear (and so many companies outright fighting against labeling GMO foods). While an emergency situation may be a different ballgame — you eat what you need to […]